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Md Delwar Hossain
May 11, 2022
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In addition, it also joined hands with Huawei and Toutiao in January this year, and the latter provided continuous technical and data services. Advantages: The Special Database sample structure is more reasonable; Compared with the combination of Questionnaire Star and Liepin, on the one hand, Questionnaire Network has stable and relatively high-quality samples; on the other hand, a third party enriches the sample population, making its sample structure relatively more comprehensive. Disadvantages: the Special Database sample size has a ceiling and the cost is high; The questionnaire network sample is mainly composed of users. Who participate in tasks in the AI ​​research community and earn rewards, and its comprehensiveness is provided by a third party. This means that it needs to invest a Special Database higher cost to ensure the stability of the sample, and the price will be further raised. Tencent Questionnaire As a rising star, the advantage of Tencent's questionnaire is that Tencent has already become an infrastructure in the social market, whether Special Database it is acquiring users, getting started, or occupying the minds of users in the future, it has a strong brand advantage. Advantage: Free, naturally distributed sample structure. Tencent Social can reach almost all netizens, which makes the sample database of Tencent's questionnaire not only close to Chinese netizens, but also covers Special Database more comprehensive coverage in various circles, and has achieved more than 20 subdivision dimensions. Marginal cost will be lower. The charging method of Questionnaire Star and Questionnaire Network is based on attributes, which means that the more accurate the group you want to delineate, Special Database. For example, this questionnaire of mine has six Special Database dimensions, male, unmarried, bachelor degree or above, 20-34 years old, Beijing, and IT/Internet industry. In the questionnaire, it is already necessary to increase the basic price by 10 yuan per copy.

Md Delwar Hossain

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