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The Best of is a list of ads that the community of has voted as the best. You will find a mix of all sorts of ads in this category. It is not for children to view at all. If you want are looking for your ad to be read a lot, then try to get it voted into the Best of Here is how you can accomplish this.

First of all you need a great ad. It should be funny, amusing, or perhaps obnoxious but it really has to stand out from all of the others. The other requirement is that you need to get a lot of traffic to view that ad.

How do you generate that kind of traffic? The best plan works like this, you need word of mouth, email and links all pointing to your ad. Here is how to get this done.

Word of mouth:

This is an easy concept tell everyone you know to go and look at your ad. Then ask them to tell everyone they know. Explain to them that you are looking to get into the Best of and you need their help. Your friends should want to help you, especially when it does not cost them anything. Remind them daily to vote your ad in.


This is somewhat easier because you are in charge of it. Change you email signature to include the link to your ad. Have it look like this Your Name then the text "please click on this link to vote my ad into the Best of" <LINK GOES HERE>. Another effective email technique is if you know someone who loves to send out email. Have them send out as many emails as they can with your ad linked in it. These techniques combined with the word of mouth campaign should help tremendously toward getting your ad into the Best of


This is a little more difficult but it can be effective. Everywhere you blog, exchange links, post links, submit articles and the like, be sure to ad a link to your ad. Places like and other social websites are a great place to do this. Look to see if you can get you ad link posted on Yahoo! Answers. It is easy, just as the question "do you think this should be in the Best of If so, click on the link and vote for it". This should bring you closer to getting voted in.

If you really want to get in you ad cannot be the usual Ford F-150 for sale, need work, $1000 OBO. That will never get in. The ad has to be funny or have some weird twist to it. A better way to have the same ad would be: Need to sell my beloved truck. This is a rare 1980 Ford F-150. My first born was conceived and delivered in the bed of this beauty. I hate to see it go, but I need to make my mortgage payment. Please come and give 'er a good home. I'll miss it but I need to keep my house. It's a steal at $1500.00. Bring tissues, I may cry when it leaves. This is the type of ad that will make it into the Best of

Overall you have to combine a massive ad campaign for your ad in order for it to get into the Best of The ad has to have some entertainment value, and you have to let everyone know about it. This is accomplished through emails, word of mouth, blog postings, link exchanges, and any other way you can think of to get people to look and vote for your ad. Without this massive ad campaign it is extremely difficult to get voted in unless your ad it so out there that everyone just has to read it. This is how ads get into the Best of


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